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OP4T is proud to announce the pubication of Jennifer's new book -
35 Tech Tips For Teachers.

All proceeds from this book are designated for the continuation of both this site and the TechnospudProjects website.

Please click HERE to purchase your copy!




Check back often for updates and news about Online Projects 4 Teachers.

Beginning in November will be the "OP4T Project Award" which teachers hosting projects can be nominated for or apply themselves.
Prizes will include books, software, magazine subscriptions, and more!!

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for some great worksheets!

Jennifer Wagner, of Technospud Projects, has successfully been hosting Online Projects since 1999. However, she realizes that she not only loves hosting her own projects, but also promoting other projects as well.

This site has been created to be a "watering-hole" for teachers to both find and share online projects.

If you need help with creating/developing/selecting sources, you can always turn to specifically designed resources and order an essay. In this way, you will be able to explain the material in the best possible way, based on the newest possible material, framed in a new format and good argumentation.

Online Projects are a fantastic way for you and your students to open the walls of your classroom to online collaboration. The student's in your classroom today will be working in a world with no walls in their adult life. Being able to communicate online will be an important skill to acquire and what better place to learn and perfect this skill than your classroom.

Projects can range from very simplistic to very complex. If you are uncertain of any project and what it entails, you are encouraged to write the teacher and ask for clarification.

You are also invited to post your own projects here.







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