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An online project is a great way to expand the walls of your classroom and introduce your students to world-wide collaboration! Projects usually run for several weeks to a few months and are open to classrooms around the world. If you need help with projects: selection of materials, text written according to your criteria, quality theses and comparisons, you can contact 123helpme.org.

The Current Projects are now accepting participants:

The A-Maze-Ing Race
Hosted By

The A-maze-ing Race Storyline is a twist on the adventure game shown on television here in America (Amazing Race). In this trimester long Storyline, my students will create a virtual around-the-world race based on culture. My students would like to learn about different countries and the culture of the people from a young person's perspective.

Electronic Postcard Exchange Around the World
Hosted by Roberta Gray
Project Date: October 23 - May 23, 2007

Electronic Postcards are created by attaching a scan or digital photo of a postcard, photo, or drawing in .gif or .jpeg/jpg format (no greater than 4 inches in width or length) with an e-mail message (250 words or less). This message would include a brief description of the class/school/community.

Hosted by Marsha Goren
Project Date: School Year 06/07

Globaldreamers is a multicultural project that invites kids from Israel and around the world to join in an authentic learning process.

New Jersey Places in Poetry
Hosted By Marci McGowan
Project Date: August 1 - December 30, 2006

Classes K - 4 and older special education students are welcome to
participate. This project is an introduction to our terrific state of New Jersey.
Younger children can learn about their state with an age/grade appropriate focus

PowerPoint or iMovie for Peace
Hosted by Lisa Smith
Project Date: School Year

This is a simple but profound project. Have your students design a PowerPoint presentation that expresses their views, opinions or ideas about "World Peace." The project could include a poem, artwork, story (fiction or non-fiction) anything that the student wishes that conveys in some way the subject of "World Peace." (with teacher approval).

Please go to my web page for detailed directions: www.123techs4me.com and click on the ICP tab.

School Lunch and Physical Fitness
Hosted by Lisa Smith
Project Date: School Year

I love this project! I don't know about your schools, but our school wastes a lot of food and produces a lot of garbage at lunchtime. This has been a problem that drives me crazy! This project addresses two needs: waste and obesity in our schools.

Please go to my web page for detailed directions: www.123techs4me.com and click on the ICP tab.

In this project we will:

* Calculate the wasted food in our school lunchrooms
* Brainstorm solutions
* Exchange Lunch menus and lunch recipes
* Complete a physical activity chart
* Brainstorm solutions
* Share active game ideas, rules, and instructions

USA Postcard Exchange
Hosted by Susan Biltucci
Project Date: School Year

This postcard exchange project is an exciting opportunity to engage your students as they learn about the United States and involve geography, map skills, and language arts. Classrooms share one or two important historical facts about why their state is important to the history of the United States or they may choose to write about the most important landmark and why it is important.

US Postcard Exchange
Hosted by Rebecca Little
Project Date: School Year

Participants receive a postcard from a classroom in all fifty states. As each postcard arrives, the class can discuss each state's major industry, fascinating historical events, and unique facts.

You Are My Hero -- a 9/11 Remembrance
Hosted by Harriet Stolzenberg
Project Date: October 2006

Description: As the world remembers the fifth anniversary of 9/11 let us ask our students to reflect on their heroes. There were so many who gave their lives and so many who saved lives that day. Let us honor them by asking our students to name their hero and their reasons for their choice.





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