Preschool Homeschool – Save Money and Stimulate Your Child’s Imagination

With all the pressure that comes with making sure that your child gets his fair shot at the Ivy League universities, it is no wonder that parents go crazy by the time their baby is old enough for preschool. Some take their chances at public school education and hope that somehow their child naturally becomes Ivy League material while others invest in private preschool education to increase that possibility. But since this is still not a guarantee that their child will be accepted, some parents choose to take matters in their own hands, and preschool homeschool their children instead. Thus, learning in a home atmosphere encourages children to be more relaxed and don't worry, and if there are problems with homework, parents can always order elite writings. Listed below are several reasons why some parents choose to homeschool their child instead.

The preschool curriculum is more relevant to your child.

After preschool, a child is expected to develop socialization skills, independent self-care, and further develop his fine motor proficiency. It is at this point in his life that he starts seeing himself as independent from his parents. With children in a similar age group, he starts seeing how his actions affect others through playing and sharing.

Because you have your own preschool curriculum, you can customize it to the personality and learning speed of your little boy or girl. Children who are shy and need to learn how to do things on their own can be placed in scenarios that will allow them to do this. Not just that, you can also indulge the child’s interests. An example of this is the childhood fascination with dinosaurs, animals, or even cooking. There is no limit to the things that you can teach him.

Homeschooling is cheaper.

Preschool can be quite expensive with costs that can reach up to $40,000 per annum. You can enroll your child in sports, buy him books and interactive CDs, explore museums, take him on trips to explore the ocean, and the price still will not come close to the yearly tuition. If you factor in all the costs, the most expensive part of preschooling your children may be the fact that you have to give him or her a lot of your time. If both parents are working, the decision to homeschool your preschooler means that one of you must give up your jobs to look after your child’s education. Some working mothers or fathers can afford to do this while others just get a work-at-home job that gives them the chance to direct their child’s education on their own.

Keep in mind that the chance to spend more time with your child may just be the greatest reason of all. Kids start drifting away from their parents as they get older. You will start missing the kisses, the hand holding, and their excitement about the simple fact that you are home. Preschool homeschool is a fantastic way to make memories and spend time with your child before he stops being a kid. Apart from having more control over the preschool homeschool and it being cheaper than private preschool education, preschool homeschool is the best way to enjoy your children before they stop needing the help of their mommy and daddy.

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