Thank you , for helping me get in touch with this school. My class in North Dakota has been writing back and forth with a kindergarten class we adopted because of the Dear Friend project. We have sent supplies for both the students and teachers at Christmas. For Valentines Day, my class donated 75 books to help rebuild Mrs. Mullins Kindergarten class library. I was even able to talk to Mrs. Mullins on the phone. Her class has even taken the time to put together a learning box for my class. They have sent us materials to learn about Mardi Gras. Thank you for making this process happen. It has been a great learning experience on both ends. :)
Jamie Prock
North Dakota

Thank you for providing the educational community with such a wonderful project. Eight of our elementary schools participated in this project with a total of 82 teachers. It was interesting to observe the various teaching methods and styles that were used by our teachers to arrive at the project results. Our students had a great time interpreting the data and eating the FroolLoops!
Thank you once again for your hard work. It was greatly appreciated.
Linden Public Schools, New Jersey
Sally Stevens & Christine Hudak

Jennifer Wagner is a "in the trenches" technology integraor that is an effective leader for collaborative online technology projects. I have known Jennifer as the Technospud Webmaster online for years and admired her enthusiasm and energy for collaborative learning. It was my pleasure to just happen to meet her one summer at a laptop conference where we were both presenters She was just as genuine in person as she is online.
Briarcrest Christian School, Tennessee
Gail Braddock



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